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. >>> to washington d -- dc here is what the capitol looks leak bathed in light with no one around. quite different from 10 hours ago. a bell tolled at exactly 3:00 eastern time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and martin luther king, junior's legendary "i have a dream" speech. tens of thousands of people converge owed the capitol to take part. president obama celebrated people who work every day to keep king's dream alive. >> everyone who realizes the glorious patriots knew on that day that change does not come from washington, but to washington. change has always been built on our willingness. we, the people who take on the citizenship, you are marching. >> martin luther king, junior's granddaughter stole the show today. yolanda kept her cool as the president took a moment to talk with her. before that she helped ring the bell that you just havered -- you just heard a moment ago. >>> from 50 years ago in washington to more than 70 years ago in the bay area, take a look at what some of our abc7 news viewers found in the wall of their home as they were undergoing a con
government and morsi supporters. karen travers, abc news, washington. >>> same-sex marriages will continue in california. that's after the supreme court denied a last ditch appeal of supporters of proposition 8. in june as you know the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriage to resume in california. opponents said the ruling should apply only to the two couples who actually took the case to the high court. >>> san francisco's board of appeals handed a small victory to a men's clothing store trying to open in the mission district. neighbors and merchants say jack spade is a national chain with 11 or more stores across the u.s. san francisco law requires special hearings before chains can open in certain neighborhoods and that includes part of the intermission where a permit has been approved for a jack spade store. >> this area is like a wildlife preserve. it is designated a safe zone for small business. >> looking forward to it. i think it will improve the block. i can't wait. >> jack spade claims it is a small independent retailer even though it is owned by liz claiborne.
. recapturing the magic of the march on washington. and a move for the big game. the stadium controversy that has some bay area bay bridge closure. the bridge will close in just four days, late wednesday, august 28th. the closure will last up to five full days over the long labor day holiday. the bridge with its new eastern span will re-open by tuesday, september 3rd, the day after labor day. ac transit is offering bus service to some bart stations during the closure. bart will be operating trains around the clock. san francisco bay ferry is expanding its schedule. if you have to drive during the shutdown download the traffic app. you can find details on >>> to help move along traffic on the bay bridge a toll lane is being converted to fast track. this is a live look at the toll plaza where the three farthest right happened lanes are closed this weekend. the toll lane closure runs through five monday morning. and you can take a look. there is a big slow down on the upper deck of the bay bridge as the cars head into san francisco. thousands gathered in washington, d.c. today
howard taft and george washington your winner. nats opening it up and lines one off bumgarner. sandoval gets the out, but desmond scores and the nats are up. after an hour and 17-minute rain delay the giants breakthrough with posey and a chopper under the glove of desmond. it is tied at one. in the 6th though and here it comes and there it goes. la roche launching one out. washington wins their fourth in a row, 4-2 the final. alex smith will see aldon smith and he hopes it is just in the pre game and not just in the back field during the real game when the 49ers visit kansas city in pre-season action. smith, alex, doesn't figure to play a lot because this is pre-season. alex versus the niners will be intriguing. they will not face each other in the regular season. smith lost his job to kaepernick last year, but he says she looking forward and not back. >> he is one of the guys i have played with for awhile, but it is the pre-season game. in is just on the -- this is just another step the last couple years. obviously we disagreed. you move on from it. >> two days after winning his first
trader joe's stores in washington state and marks them up. he says he spends about $22,000 a month at t.j.'s, and is now becoming so recognizable he is making longer road trips. >> i tried the l.a. run and that didn't go well. we lost a bunch of chocolate. if they said they were opening a store in vancouver tomorrow i would close this store. >> trader joe's who doesn't have a is store in canada is suing for unfair competition. in response he says he makes $2 per item. he took off the p from his store sign and instead of pirate joe's it says irate joe's. >>> and helping oakland kids get ready for school. abc7 donated 10,000 books from preschool to 6th grade. many of the kids to be their books to a back to school rally. >> this is our 6th year. this is maybe our biggest year. it is probably the most fun and more and more groups are participating so we can reach the parents. the out reach is important because it reminds people that school starts next monday. >> yep, it does. and to help kids get prepared they donated 1,000 backpacks and 250 bus passes. early literacy and proper tools are i
of the 1963 march on washington, d.c. and dr. martin luther king, junior's i have a dream speech. the eyes of the nation will focus on the lincoln memorial on wednesday. president obama will speak at the let freedom ring ceremony on the same steps where dr. king spoke. >>> new at 11:00, abc7 continues its support of the taylor family foundation by celebrating a day in the park at camp arroyo in livermore this afternoon. our own cheryl jennings, mike nico and william about you are ton joined -- william burton joined a thousand others at the fundraiser. the fundraiser hopes to raise a million dollars to provide free camp and services to kids with life-threatening illnesses and life altering conditions like sophie's place, a mobile unit for music therapy. >> people don't realize that doctors are writing prescriptions on prescription pads for specific therapies in music because they are creating pathways and brain injuries. >> nfl hall of famer steve young founded the forever young foundation and is partnered with the foundation for nearly 25 years. visit for more on camp arroyo.
washington going 25 miles an hour towards on coming traffic. at one point a metal sign was in her way and she barrelled through it, knocking her owner out of the buggy. >> it catapulted over the top of the board and landed on my arm and side. still had her line in my hand. >> the buggy ran him over. >> this leg has got road rash over that side and looks like the buck board wheel ran over my leg. >> this meant cecilia was all alone. late was running down the middle of the street. a total stranger stepped in to help and blocked the road with his truck. lady went around it, but the buggy smashed into it. it left injuries to cecilia's face. >> the out come of this collision could have been worse. >> that good samaritan stayed with her until her mother arrived. >> he sees a child in distress and he is like any father, he will do what he can do. >> lady's owner doesn't plan to take his horse and buggy out on city streets again. in petaluma, abc 7 news. >> authorities are not expected to release the identity of a found for a few days. the search for a criminal investigator is over. the 50-year-old w
decades of white house memories. abc news, washington. >>> a sunday street celebration in san francisco's tenderloin district turned out to be even more special. one of the hosts of today's celebration was glide memorial church. the reverend cecil williams is enjoying his 50th year leading the church. and a surprise for williams, mayor ed l says renamed it reverend cecil williams way. >>> the new way to watch tv may not be on your tv. coming up, 7 on your side's michael finney shows you the best way to watch your favorite shows on the internet. and the red flag warning is posted for much of the bay area through wednesday thanks to dry lightning. we'll take a look at live doppler 7hd plus the look ahead to the workweek to let you know when you streaming websites are more popular than ever. but if you don't have the right dvd player or game console, you may need to buy a set top box to watch. so which box is right for your home? consumer reports has partnered exclusively with 7 on your side to find out. here is michael finney. >> more and more of us are watching video that is delivered to
to the washington national last year hitting 223 with 3 homeers limited playing time this season. how fitting to be for him to become the catalyst a's need down the stretch. everything gone wrong for matt and giants this queer has gone right for the pirates. tonight game an example of that. start of 4 game series here we go 2nd inning 1 nothing pittsburgh. make it 2 nothing. jones. jones in for a splash down there it is. canes 2 homeers in the engine and he warm front to leave the game in the fourth after taking this sanchez come backer off the forearm. cain was in pain x-rays negative. trailing 3 nothing the giants would rally to tie it up with the buck explode in the fifth. alvarez bases loaded scores 2. beginning 7 runs in the inning for the pirates. giants get dismantled 10-5. fear the beard is officially back. beard is nastier than ever. wilson with the dodger debut against the marlins. he helped clayton shut out miami 6 nothing. l.a. now 19 games up on the giants in the west. 1 14ers signed veteran wallace compete with mccoy, scott and daniels for back up quarterback posit
and three straight grames is the reason why. suzuki reacquired with a trade in washington. a short drive to baltimore to join the team. the a's opening a critical three-game set with the oriels. the third inning and cocoa crisp and moss both headed toward the being aware house. a pair of solo homers. number 21 on the year for moss. shortly after the blast in the fourth brian roberts a grand slam, right field with a tractor beam for baseball. a's rally four in the fifth. the two-run single and 7-6. oakland has the feeling no lead was safe. baltimore scores three times. a third straight loss and oakland is three and a halfback in the west. giants and pirates at at&t. fourth inning and to no man's land in shallow left. buster posey and it is 1-0 giants. you can't even call this a mistake. great hitting and that was a good sls headed over the wall fr a three-run homer in the seventh. he goes eight solid and suffers his eighth loss of the year. it is tied at 13. jack harper and oh no. could have tagged that kid right there. throws home and we have a pickle going, people. they get the out, but
control another person's movement. researchers at the university of washington demonstrated their human to human mind control device earlier this month. now this may not look like a lot here, but the finger you see twitching right there, the right hand, it was controlled by another person in another room. he said it felt like an involuntary twitch. it is done using magnetic pulses to the brain. researchers say it could be used to help with brain ailments such as parkinsons disease. interesting. >>> well let's check the forecast right now. >> shear sandhya patel. >> we had a wide range of temperatures. our summer spread low 60s to low 90s, so it warmed up as promised, but tomorrow we will see the temperatures go down a few degrees. here is live doppler 7hd. it is socked in along the coast. the marine layer deepened a little bit. fog is reducing visibility in half moon bay. down to three-quarters of a mile right now. i will show you live pictures and you can see what i am talking about. from the explore for yum camera, you can look for the trans america pyramid. it is somewhere right in h
. second quarter third strippinger rex. catch 1 handed levtd hand. washington beats pittsburg 24-13. week ago tonight cal safety sebastian rushed to hospital with neck injury in concussion. he tucked the media members today. >> calm my symptoms right now. get a lot of rest and just would i love to play whenever but just want to make sure that i'm fully healthy and on the field. >> expected to make a full recovery. this sport report brought to you by riff rock casino that's really, really good. >> look and sound great hope he's okay. >> light anything strike the bay area. video earlier tonight. update the condition >> hi. live doppler 7 hd still tracking thunderstorms activity and here are pictures sent in short time ago by leah san carlos lightning. see there. look at the wake up weather. isolated thunderstorms still possible in the morning. red flag warnings going could see showers with coastal fog. temperatures mild. mike tracking it all 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thank you very much. >> that is our report tonight thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time. i'm dan
washington toy get around the bay area. link to all the extra service that bart ac transit and the sf bay ferry providing during the bridge closure at our web site. >> nanny from san anselmo excused of driving drunk picking up 2 young children on the first day of school today. witness told the chp driver of orange volkswagen beetle was back ing into a sign and staggering into the street. police arrested 48-year-old natalie after she failed so bright test. >>o[ please anton couple say thieves targeted them at home after they won cash at local casino at 12:30 this afternoon. robbers barged in as one of the victims was closing her garage door and then pointed a gun at her husband demanding quote the money. he gave up the cash. the robbers were hoodie and covered face was bandana. >> 120,000 dollars of cocaine never made it to the street thanks to police dog. he work was the gilroy police department and highway patrol used him to help search suspicious vehicle along highway 101 last week. officers say the dog led them to 5 kilogram of cocaine hidden inside a vehicle. chp also arrested th
and washington, d.c. and all the way up to new york city. new york tomorrow is 81. denver 85 and 95 salt lake city and in california we are going to look for some warm temperatures to hot temperatures in palm springs. rebounding to 107, 103 las vegas. fresno, no more 80s, but warming back up to 97 degrees. sacramento 90 degrees. a look at the bay area temperatures. temperatures come up inland near 90 degrees tomorrow for antioch and livermore. concord at 85. in the north bay, napa will start off with low overcast and then afternoon sunshine. 80 degrees there. san francisco 64 and we will go with 78 tomorrow for san jose. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, mild temperatures, mild to warm as we get into tuesday and wednesday. wednesday the warmest day. low 90s inland and 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast and then the numbers come down thursday and friday. folks, follow at live doppler 7hd on twitter for the very latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. and get video forecast and spare the air alerts and power outage info and weather tweets no tweets, but tweets of your favorite we
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14